Fusion Group

The aims of the MNT-Fusion Group

The aim of the group is to encourage a public discussion about the status and perspective of fusion energy production research. Hence, the members give lectures at public schools, colleges and make regular appearances in the mainstream and social media. There is an international effort to achieve industrial fusion energy production in the near future (Fusion Roadmap). Because of that it is very important for our group to prepare the Hungarian industrial partners to participate in it.

You can find details about the ongoing fusion research and other related activities here: magfuzio.hu



Thermonuclear fusion has been researched for more than 50 years. Nowadays the technical development is so advanced, that a reactor relevant fusion device is in the course of construction. Next to plasma physics research it is important to deal with more technology oriented engineering issues including nuclear technology and safety. Therefore the Hungarian fusion community decided to get more involved in the Hungarian “nuclear science” life. Since the early 2000’s, fusion related talks have been given regularly at the annual Symposium of the Hungarian Nuclear Society. Also courses have been launched in fusion plasma physics at the Nuclear Institute of Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The next step in this process was the establishment of the MNT-Fusion Group in 22 November, 2004.



One of the world’s largest fusion technology conference has started in Budapest (23 Septermber 2019)

As first Europeans, researchers from Wigner delivers a camera system to the Japanese fusion experiment (6 June 2019)

EUROfusion and Fusion for Energy project leaders have visited Wigner RCP to check the status of video diagnostic being built for Japan (14 December 2018)

Investigators of the star factory (18 October, 2017)

Wigner RCP won the right to host the World’s biggest fusion technology conference (18 October, 2017)

Camera system development for the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator (20 September, 2017)

Fusion at the Sziget Festival 2017 (08 September, 2017)

ITER diagnostic cable tests at Wigner  (02 August, 2017)


Office bearers of the MNT-Fusion Group

President: Dániel Imre Réfy (Centre for Energy Research)

Secretary: Örs Asztalos (BME Institute of Nuclear Techniques)

Former office bearers


President: Dr. Anda Gábor (Wigner Research Centre for Physics)


Secretary: Réfy Dániel Imre (Wigner Research Centre for Physics)


Secretary: Zsebéné Zsuga Lilla Veronika (Wigner Research Centre for Physics)


President: Dr. Pokol Gergő
Secretary: Réfy Dániel Imre


President: Dr. Pokol Gergő
Secretary: Papp Gergely


President: Dr. Veres Gábor
Secretary: Dunai Dániel


President: Dr. Kocsis Gábor
Secretary: Pokol Gergő


Application for MNT-Fusion Group membership:

Current number of members is 66. Please send application requests to the Secretary (asztalos@reak.bme.hu). The membership has to be approved by the Executive Board of the MNT.