Youth for Nuclear Energy

The Youth for Nuclear Energy was established in 1998 with the aim to improve the knowledge of youth generation in nuclear energetic, answering questions and explaining misconceptions.

Members of the organization are from the more important universities (Budapest University of Technology, University of Debrecen), research institutes (Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Centre for Energy Research) and nuclear companies (MVM Groups) of the country. The organization belongs to the Hungarian Nuclear Society and member of the European Nuclear Society-Young Generation Network.

The professional group organizes regularly visits to various nuclear sites at home and abroad, a professional weekend is also organized each year where interesting lectures are given on actual topics from first hand. YNE takes part in summer festivals (Sziget, VOLT, EFOTT) and “About Nuclear Energy for Everyone” informative conference where the members popularize the nuclear energy primarily among young people.


The Youth for Nuclear Energy welcomes everyone to its membership and programs who is interested in nuclear energy, opened to our good mood community. Further information and joining on fine'at'

Charmain: Gábor Sárdy

Secretary: Gergely Boguszlavszkij