Fusion Group activities



The Fusion Professional Group of Hungarian Nuclear Society continued the tradition of attending festivals in order to spread information about nuclear fusion. With the Youth for Nuclear Energy Group we were present at the Sziget, VOLT, EFOTT, Campus and Strand festivals attracting hundreds of visitors to our tent. Our dedicated members were prepared with colourful posters and questionnaires, which also could be filled on smartphone. The visitors were rewarded with fusion themed gifts for their effort.

In addition to our usual assets this year we also used a scale-model of a tokamak, which is currently the most successful design for the experimental facilities. Our little device is knockdown so the internal structure can be studied. The visitors could also visit the construction site of the biggest tokamak - ITER - with the help of Virtual Reality glasses and their own smartphone. Next to these tools anyone could play with our ITER puzzle or try to operate a fusion reactor in our game on tablet.