Summer nuclear activities in Hungary - 2015

The members of society participated in several summer festivals (including the famous “Sziget” festival) with the „nuclear tent”. The visitors – mainly young people – could get detailed information on nuclear topics, e.g. basic physical phenomena, radiation, the status of building new NPPs in Hungary and the perspectives of fusion for electricity production. 

Considering the construction of two VVER-1200 units at the Paks NPP, the society invited two Russian experts to discuss the technical aspects of reactor building. The experts informed the Hungarian audience on the basic characteristics and safety features of new units and on the modern computer based methods that will be used during design and construction. The speakers said that the first steps of design for the Paks site have already been completed by the Russian institutes.

The environmental group of the society organized seminars on the “Evaluation of risk in energetics” and on the “Evaluation of environmental consequences of energy-mix” with the participation of domestic experts. 

The representatives of the society signed the Nuclear for Climate Declaration, the Position Paper on Nuclear Energy and the Environment of the European Nuclear Young Generation Network and the Women in Nuclear Declaration for the Earth Climate at different international forums.

New issue of the Nukleon scientific journal was released with several interesting papers on handling of nuclear wastes, operation of NPPs and on the methodology of teaching nuclear topics in school.