Folyékony radioaktív hulladékok térfogatcsökkentése az MVM Paksi Atomerőműben

Liquid radioactive waste management at MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Over the last few years practices related to the treatment of radioactive wastes at Paks Nuclear Power Plant have undergone significant changes. In the mid 90-s Paks Nuclear Power Plant established a goal aimed at implementing a processing technology capable of reducing the volume of liquid radioactive wastes (LRW). Through the commitment of specialists participating in the development and implementation of the technology for the reduction of liquid waste volume, all the process steps had been commissioned by the end of the year 2012 and processing of evaporation residues making the largest contribution to the origination of liquid radioactive wastes was commenced. In accordance with the concept applied for managing RW at the plant, the next step would be the construction of a cementation system for the solidification of RW that cannot be treated by the above-described system.

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